Increased seismic activity on the Makushin volcano, Alaska

(ORDO NEWS) — Alaska Volcanoes Observatory (AVO) has recorded increased seismic activity on the Makushin volcano over the past 2 weeks.

In response to this, the observatory has raised the aviation color code to yellow and plans to continue careful monitoring of seismic activity, soil deformation and gas emissions in the coming weeks.

The last eruption of this volcano occurred in 2005. A powerful eruption occurred in 6100 BC. e. ± 50 years ago. Although no major eruptions occurred in this century, explosive eruptions of small and medium power have been recorded in Makushin since 1786.

This activity began on June 15 with the M4.2 earthquake, followed by several additional significant earthquakes over the next 24 hours, the magnitude of which varied from 3.1 to 4.1. These larger earthquakes were accompanied by hundreds of smaller earthquakes that continue to this day. The inhabitants of Unalaska felt the most powerful earthquakes.

All earthquakes are concentrated about 10 km east of the top of the volcano at a depth of about 8 km.

The exact reason for this increased seismic activity, from the point of view of possible volcanic or tectonic processes, is currently unknown.

They can be related to the movement of magma under the eastern side of the Makushin volcano, the interaction between the earthquake fault and the nearby geothermal field, the activation of more than one fault in this area, or a combination of these scenarios.


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