Increase in heat waves in recent years is associated only with human activities

(ORDO NEWS) — Climatologists from China have concluded that the marked increase in heat waves in the United States and Europe is due to man, and not to natural climate fluctuations.

The observations are published in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences. This was announced on Friday by the press service of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Academy of Sciences.

One of the main consequences of climate change is extreme weather events. By this word, scientists understand periods of abnormally high temperatures in winter, heat waves in summer, week-long heavy rains, droughts and other weather phenomena.

A striking example is last year’s floods in Europe, the current heatwaves in the US and Europe, and the super-hot summer in Russia in 2010.

Chinese scientists have studied how strongly heatwaves are affected by various periodic climatic phenomena, which in theory can weaken and strengthen extreme weather events.

In their work, the scientists focused on the heat wave that hit the United States in June 2021 and caused massive wildfires.

Consequences of climate change

Chinese climatologists have prepared several computer models that describe in detail the climate of North America.

Some of them took into account the existence of global warming, anthropogenic aerosol emissions and various natural climatic fluctuations, while the rest took into account only one of these factors.

Subsequent calculations indicated that anthropogenic factors, including carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, had a stronger effect on the likelihood and strength of heat waves than natural climate fluctuations.

These fluctuations, in turn, can further enhance the effect of weather anomalies under certain circumstances, which happened last summer in the United States.

“Our calculations showed that global warming affected the strength and properties of all three atmospheric flows and related climate fluctuations that affect the weather in North America.

Their intensification led to the launch of a powerful heat wave. In other words, the further development of global warming will lead to increase in extreme heatwaves,” said Professor Wang Chunzai.

Something similar, as Chinese climatologists suggest, is now happening in Europe and some other regions of the world, where abnormally high temperatures have been established in the past few weeks.

If this is true, then the frequency of similar anomalies will increase rapidly in the coming years in these regions of the world.


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