In Yellowstone found a treasure for a million dollars

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — When the millionaire Forrest Fenn learned that he had cancer, he decided to hide a treasure in the Yellowstone Mountains in order to leave a memory of himself. Only ten years later, finally found a lucky person who was able to find the utter wealth of $ 1 million.

87-year-old Forest is the director of an art company, a collector and amateur archaeologist, so it’s not surprising where he came up with the idea of ​​burying a real treasure.

Thus, the man wanted not only to leave a memory about himself, but also to revive people’s passion for searches, excavations. He realized his plan after he learned about the development of a terrible disease. Fortunately, her progress was stopped.

The millionaire spoke about the treasure in his autobiographical work, Passion of the Chase. There he mentioned a bronze-colored chest with real treasures, as in the best pirate films.

Jewels were buried in the Rocky Mountains. This ridge is approximately 4.8 thousand kilometers long. No one knew exactly where the chest was located, but some clues, according to the millionaire, existed. In an attempt to find a treasure, more than one person died.

A lot of people called Forrest to stop his stupid undertaking, but the man replied like this: “If people are drowning in the pool, then you need not drain it, but teach them to swim.” The media wrote of at least four victims of “archeology” in Yellowstone Park.

Recently, an anonymous man contacted a man who attached a photo of a chest. This letter meant one thing: the treasure was found and the quest was completed. As Fenn noted, this made him both joyful and sad. A great adventure after so many years is completed. The millionaire congratulated thousands of people who were trying to find jewelry.


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