In UK, fisherman caught rare blue lobster

(ORDO NEWS) — Unfortunately, the number of blue lobsters continues to decline today. Their bright blue color attracts predators and fishermen. While the lobsters themselves are quite such harmless crustaceans. Catching such a rare handsome man in the net is a great success for fishermen. The cost of such individuals is several times higher than ordinary ones.

Reported by The Daily Mail.

Tom Lambourne, a 25-year-old fisherman from Newlin, UK, caught a blue lobster. An animal 30 cm long in blue color occurs 1 time in 2 million individuals. Tom turned out to be a generous guy and didn’t sell his catch. He didn’t bring it home or cook it. Instead, the guy just took a lot of beautiful photos and posted them online. Then he released the live lobster into the water.

In UK fisherman caught rare blue lobster 2

Later, the fisherman sent the pictures to specialists. The young man even considered taking the lobster to the National Dispensary. There he would definitely be under the supervision of reliable specialists. Ben Marshall (curator of the outpatient clinic) said that such a rare color transformation in nature is very rare for crustaceans. By the way, in addition to blue, you can also find yellow crustaceans.

The genetic defect caused the exotic coloration. Also, Ben Marshal suggests that much more blue lobsters are born, but mortality among them is much higher.

The captured individual was still quite small, so he was released into the habitat so that he could grow up. Despite the great danger, it really was a good decision.


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