In two months the world will enter a new era

(ORDO NEWS) — The global changes in humanity that we are witnessing today are the beginning of great changes. According to the astrologer Elena Maksimova, very soon new times will come, humanity will enter a new era.

On December 21, a new Era of Air is expected, which will replace the Era of the Earth. In a couple of months, global changes will come, Saturn and Jupiter will unite in the first degree of Aquarius.

The Era of the Earth last took place between 1226 and 1425. Bloody battles took place before it (on Kalka), and the powerful state of Kievan Rus was experiencing the last years of its unity. The change of eras inevitably leads to changes in economic and political life.

Global changes have forced people to rethink their values. Material things have faded into the background, today the main wealth is knowledge, information, partnership and globalization. Cash will soon be liquidated, of course not completely. The world is moving towards the fact that many things can be done without personal presence (the state in a smartphone).

The world’s elite will inevitably change. The oligarchs will step aside and will be replaced by ambitious young minds with different values. The period from 19 to 25 October is a time of big mistakes and gaps. The astrologer advises not to risk your savings, but to act deliberately.

Very soon the situation in the world will begin to improve, and bright times will come. At the present time, you need to be patient.


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