In twenty years, a huge part of the land can go under water

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people know about the harmful effects of global warming, but changes in temperature are not the only factor changing our planet. Experts from the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain have shown their vision of the future of the Earth in 2040.

One of the main problems concerns soil subsidence. It is provoked by the extraction of minerals, as well as some natural processes. In two decades, if the pace continues, 12 million sq. km of land will be below sea level. Subsidence flooding will affect Africa, South America and Asia the most.

In total, an area equal to the territory of the United States will go under the water. 1.2 billion people will either die or be forced to look for new homes. Scientists urge the authorities to develop measures and implement them at the legislative level to curb soil subsidence.

By the end of this century, average temperatures are projected to rise by 3.2 degrees Celsius. If after the pandemic it is possible to reduce the level of emissions by 25%, then the temperature will rise by 2 degrees.


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