In Tuscany, statues were found that can “rewrite history”

(ORDO NEWS) — The statues found in San Casciano dei Bagna from ancient Roman times may change history. The artifacts were discovered during excavations of thermal baths in Tuscany, 160 km from Rome.

The find is very important for historians , says Jacopo Tabolli, associate professor of the University for Foreigners in Siena.

This may shed light on the relations and dialectics between the Romans and the Etruscans in the distant past.

An official of the Ministry of Culture, Massimo Osanna, is sure that the find will change the history of the ancient Mediterranean.

Among the 24 statues, images of various gods were identified: Apollo, Hygeia, Ephebasos with a snake around her arm, and others.

In the past, they were immersed in thermal waters during rituals. Most likely, this happened in the II century BC – I century AD. A find of this kind has become the most significant in the last half century.

5 of the 24 statues are almost a meter high. Next to them, archaeologists found thousands of gold coins, inscriptions in Latin and Etruscan.

Researchers are sure that everyone who came to the thermal baths threw money into the water to appease the gods.

It was not the best of times in Tuscany. It was the time of the Great Transformation, because the city passed from the Etruscans to the Romans, so laws, traditions, and customs were changing here.

The Ministry of Culture calls this segment of history “cultural osmosis”.

The thermal ritual bath became a kind of multilingual refuge surrounded by war and political instability. All finds were preserved very well.

Archaeologists are sure that it is because of the hot muddy water in which they were immersed. She, as it were, preserved the statues for centuries.

Now all the statues have been delivered to the laboratory in the city of Grosseto, where they must be restored. They will then be transferred to the San Casciano Museum.


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