In Turkey, found a factory built 3700 years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — During excavations in the west of the country, Turkish archaeologists discovered ruins of large-scale production. The accessories found there and the remains of a loom indicate that it was an ancient textile factory.

Since last year, a team of archaeologists has been excavating and restoring the Beychesultan mound in the western province of Denizli, Daily Sabah reports. Curious objects were found there – the remains of a loom and tools for making fabrics and accessories. The finds range from 3,700 to 4,000 years old.

“Last year, we made some exciting discoveries related to the early production of textiles,” said the head of the excavation, Eshref Abay. “This year, we found the remains of a building that housed parts of a handloom, as well as a mill, which is about 4000 years old. years”.

According to him, earlier in the same area, other parts of weaving looms and textile materials, which are estimated to be 3,600 years old, were found. As for the structure found, it dates back to about 1700 BC. Archaeologists believe it belonged to a wealthy family. This is indicated by its large size and equipment, which was advanced for its time.

“There were very large storage rooms inside this building,” explains Abai. “The area of ​​the central room was 45 square meters. It was probably used as a workshop. There were also five other rooms in the building for various purposes.”

Inside the building, archaeologists have discovered items that were clearly imported from other regions. Apparently, the owners of this factory maintained close trade relations with merchants from other countries. Perhaps some of the products produced here were also exported.

During the excavations, thousands of weighting weights were also found that were used in textile production, as well as shells used to decorate textiles, and burnt textiles. The latter suggests that once the factory was engulfed in fire, but some of its parts survived the fire.

According to Abai, the finds of the current field season in this area are not the most ancient. Earlier, scientists found evidence that the first settlement on the site of the Beychesultan mound appeared around 5000 BC. In total, to date, archaeologists have discovered 40 successive cultural layers of the Late Bronze Age.

The finds have already provided important new information about the history of textile production in this land. The discoveries prove that Beychesultan was once a major center for the production of textiles. This fact expands the very history of textile production in Denizli province.


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