In Turkey found a “bunker” with strange statues. Mysterious artifacts are about 11,000 years old

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the Turkish province of Sanliurfa, at the archaeological site of Karahantep, which is considered one of the important settlements of the Neolithic era, scientists have discovered amazing artifacts. In the dungeon, archaeologists stumbled upon unusual stone heads that are about 11,000 years old!

It is surprising that all this time ancient “works of art” were preserved underground.

The head of research in Karahantep, Professor Nekmi Karula, said that excavations in these places began in 2019. This season, scientists discovered a building with a diameter of 23 meters, most of which was carved into the rock at a depth of 5.5 meters.

In Turkey found a bunker with strange statues Mysterious artifacts are about 11 000 years old 2

In addition, archaeologists stumbled upon underground settlements with unusual artifacts. Many sculptures depicting people have been found in these places.

Similar artefacts have been discovered at the prehistoric site of Gobeklitepe, Turkey, but in those places the sculptures showed mostly animals. Anthropomorphic statues predominate in Karahantep.

In Turkey found a bunker with strange statues Mysterious artifacts are about 11 000 years old 3

One of the best examples, scientists call a sculpture depicting a man with a leopard on his back. According to experts who work at the excavations, it is difficult to understand exactly what kind of relationship the people and animals of these places had. Perhaps they were very peaceful.

The authors of the study also note that the finds point to the exceptional artistic abilities of mankind in the Neolithic era.

People in this region were probably very “gifted” if they could only make such sculptures from stone and bone tools.


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