In the USA, a man was cured of HIV: how he managed it

(ORDO NEWS) — AIDS researchers announced Wednesday that a fourth person has been cured of HIV, but the dangerous procedure may not comfort the tens of millions of people living with the virus around the world.

The 66-year-old man (called a City of Hope patient, like the treatment center in California) is currently in remission.

After conducting a study some time ago, its results are going to be demonstrated at the International AIDS Conference in Montreal, which will be held on July 29.

In 2022, this is already the second person who was helped to cure HIV. In February, it was reported that a woman living in New York had gone into remission.

A City of Hope patient is now in stable remission after undergoing a bone marrow transplant to treat cancer.

Jana Dikter said that this is the oldest patient who was able to achieve remission, so many other elderly people with cancer or HIV have received hope for treatment.

The fourth patient suffered from a rather severe form of HIV and had previously participated in trials of antiretroviral therapy. Today, with its help, about 38 million people with HIV can live a full life.

An elderly man lived with HIV for 31 years. In 2019, he faced leukemia and received a bone marrow transplant that contained stem cells with a rare mutation.

The stem cells did not have part of the CCR5 gene, so people with such bone marrow may not be afraid of HIV.

In March last year, the man completely stopped taking antiretroviral drugs. In addition, it was possible to cope with diseases with the help of chemotherapy with a reduced intensity.

Experts note that this method of treatment is quite complex and has a huge number of side effects. The most serious side effect is the temporary destruction of the patient’s immunity.


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