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In the USA, a girl with her messages drove a guy to suicide

In the USA a girl with her messages drove a guy to suicide

(ORDO NEWS) — Inen Yu, just 23, previously attended Boston College. She, according to the prosecutor’s office, drove her boyfriend to suicide by sending him several tens of thousands of text messages. The girl pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

When law enforcement officers were investigating this incident, they concluded that the relationship between Junen and Alexander Urtura was too stormy and unhealthy. For the past couple of months, the girl has been sending a huge number of messages to the guy and many of them contain a call to suicide. In the end, Urthur could not stand it all, and on the same day he finished his studies at Boston College, the guy took his own life. An unpleasant incident happened in the late spring of 2019.

Suffolk District Attorney Rachel Rollins revealed that Yu insulted Urtula in a variety of ways. It was not only verbally, but also physically. Psychological pressure did the most harm. The girl’s actions were especially active just a couple of days and even hours before his death.

In the end, Inen decided to cooperate with the investigation and confessed to what she had done. The court also found the girl guilty and gave her 2.5 years in prison and 10 years on probation. The verdict implies that it will be possible to avoid such a harsh punishment only if she observes all the conditions assumed by the probationary period. The conditions include treatment of mental illnesses, as well as test work.

Earlier we wrote that in Turkey a girl married a guy who doused her with acid. Berfine Ozek decided not to punish her ex-boyfriend Jasim Celticom when he was being tried. She apologized to her relatives and stated that she regretted such a decision, which the girl took under the influence of a fairly severe trauma. It is worth noting that in the end result, Berfin married Jasim, who had previously doused her with acid and completely disfigured her face.

And also recall that the United States has released classified materials about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Some time ago, the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States made available to the public documents that relate to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He was killed in 1963, which came as a real shock not only for Americans, but also for residents of other countries. These classified materials can be viewed directly on the official website of the department.


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