In the US, lightning struck the house and tore the toilet

(ORDO NEWS) — Lightning went through the vent into the bathroom and completely destroyed the toilet. Fortunately, there were no people inside the house.

An incredible and terrible event took place in the city of Okmulgi (Oklahoma, USA). In the midst of a severe thunderstorm, lightning struck the house, penetrating the toilet, completely destroying it.

Local firefighters told about the incident, who received a message about a lightning strike in the house. Fortunately, there were no people in the house at the time of impact, although the damage was done at an inopportune time. The fact is that shortly before that, the owner was going to rent out the house.

In the US lightning struck the house and tore the toilet 2

As American journalist Brooke Griffin explained, the lightning passed through the ventilation hole in the roof and went into the toilet, completely tearing it apart.

The fire brigade said they had never experienced such damage from a lightning strike. In the bathroom, the toilet bowl was smashed and there were black stains on the walls caused by the heat.

Fortunately, after the impact, the fire could not spread to other parts of the house, as firefighters were able to put it out in a timely manner.


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