In the US, hackers infect corporate computers through gift “flash drives”

(ORDO NEWS) — It became known that the well-known hacker team FIN7 was distributing malicious USB drives under the guise of a gift, which it sent to various companies by mail.

This happened with impunity for over six months. The US Federal Security Service has already released a document warning people about the cyber threat.

It is reported that the first statements about strange parcels were received in August last year. This was reported by companies in the field of logistics, transport and even defense.

The attackers sent two kinds of “gifts” to different companies. The first package was a letter with a USB stick from the US Department of Health.

The hackers motivated the victims to connect the USB device to the computer using the text of the letter, which said that the drive contains useful information to counter the spread of coronavirus.

The second parcel was sent on behalf of Amazon with a letter of thanks. In both cases, victims were tricked into connecting malicious USB drives.

As a result, the flash drive gained full control over the victim’s computer and installed malicious software, including ransomware, in a short time.


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