In the US found the corpse of a cow with excised genitals

(ORDO NEWS) — A very unusual event happened in Oregon. A dead cow was found with the genitals removed. At the same time, the legs of the animal were tucked under themselves and it looked like a cow sat down to rest and something unexpectedly attacked it. The animal died exactly in the position in which it was.

It is worth noting that this incident is far from the first and farmers have repeatedly encountered similar cattle mutilations. For example, last year in Oregon, exactly the same killing of bulls was recorded, but the animals were lying on the ground.

The dead cow was found late last month at a ranch owned by David Hunt. Initially, the man thought that the animal was kneeling to rest, but when he approached, he realized that the cow was dead. The farmer added that the animal was in a position that it could not occupy on its own.

After examining the carcass, it turned out that someone had cut out all the internal and external genitals. In addition, there was no tongue in the mouth. At the moment, the cause of death of the animal has not yet been established. It is worth noting that last year a thoroughbred bull disappeared at the same ranch, which was later found dead and did not have genitals, tongue and tail. After examination, it was established that there was no blood left in the carcass.

The farmer checks his livestock regularly. Near the corpse of a cow, he found absolutely no traces, neither human, nor car tires. On the carcass itself there was not a single trace that would indicate an attack by a predator.

In most such cases, the cults of Satanists or aliens are blamed, but what actually killed animals and excised genitals remains a mystery to this day.


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