In the US, a fish fell from the sky to park your car

(ORDO NEWS) — An unusual incident happened some time ago in Virginia, but the local was not very funny. On his car, which he parked next to his house, a fish fell from the sky. Minor damages remain on the car.

The incident was recorded on video and leaked to social media. It is reported by NDTV.

The fact that his car was damaged by a fish that fell straight from the sky, the owner Carlos Maldonado heard from his neighbors.

Of course, he initially refused to believe it, because he believed that a fish cannot fall from the sky. But this incredible flight was recorded on video, which was a confirmation of what happened.

The fish bent the spoiler on the car. Neighbors said that during the impact there was a loud sound resembling a shot. They approached the vehicle and noticed fish there. Then the neighbors went directly to the owner.

The man is going to contact his insurance company in the near future so that it will reimburse the damage caused. In case insurers refuse to believe in Carlos’s story, he will show them the recorded video.

On the ViralHog channel, the flying fish video has received more than 20 thousand views. The commentators were somewhat surprised by what they saw. Some suggested that the fish actually can fly, and some were inclined to think that it was simply thrown into a car from afar.

Still, some of the users turned out to be the most attentive. They saw a bird flying directly over the car and could drop its prey on it.


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