In the United States, the plane was turned around due to the refusal of a passenger to wear a mask

(ORDO NEWS) — The plane, which belongs to American Airlines, flew from Miami to London. In the middle of the flight, he was turned back because of one of the passengers who did not want to wear a mask. After the plane arrived back, the woman was blacklisted by the company.

It happened just a few days ago – on January 19th. FlightAware provided data that the plane returned to Miami just two hours after it took off. There were 129 passengers on board.

All of them were rebooked for a flight that did not take place until the following day. The passenger who caused the incident has been blacklisted and is now unable to fly with American Airlines until the investigation is completed.

Steve Freeman flew on this flight, who spoke about the fact that the woman, who was about 40 years old, was in first class. She drank a lot and was quite rude to the stewards.

The man added that she had been repeatedly made comments, and various masks were offered, but the passenger did not like them all. It is worth noting that the man suggests that the reason that the plane was returned is far from this woman. All other passengers were also shocked by the decision.

Some time later, American Airlines officially confirmed that the plane was turned around precisely because of the refusal to wear a mask, because this was a violation of the federal requirement for the mandatory wearing of masks. After the plane landed, law enforcement officers met the violator, but did not detain her.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that in recent years such cases have become noticeably more frequent. Many passengers, with their inappropriate behavior, began to disrupt flights. In 2022 alone, more than 150 cases were recorded that flights did not take place due to the fault of passengers.


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