In the United States, the court ordered the woman to pay child support to the rapist

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(ORDO NEWS) — The court ordered a 32-year-old resident of Louisiana to pay child support to a rapist who received custody of their common daughter, conceived as a result of his rape.

According to the WBRZ, Christa Abelset was raped at the age of 16 by 30-year-old John Barnes. Then, in 2005, the man offered to give her a ride home after hanging out with mutual friends at a local bar in Hammond, Indiana.

“Instead, he took me to his place. He took me into the house and raped me on the sofa in the living room,” the woman said.

After that, Krista, while still a teenager, became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. Five years later, the rapist found out that he had a child.

The man performed a DNA test, which confirmed his paternity. John Barnes attempted to establish full custody of the girl through the courts, but the court divided custody between the two parents.

In 2015, Krista filed a rape lawsuit against Barnes, explaining that she hadn’t done it before because she thought rape was only being investigated in hot pursuit.

At the same time, she added that since then the case has not moved forward, despite the fact that the police claim that they are investigating. However, the case, according to her, has not yet been transferred to the detective.

She also added that the rapist threatened her many times and declared his connections to the judicial authorities. As a result, journalists found out that Barnes has a large web company Gumbeaux Digital Branding, one of whose clients is the city police.

Meanwhile, in 2022, the man managed to achieve full custody of his daughter. The reason for this was the fact that Krista gave the child a mobile phone without his knowledge.

Now the child is being raised by Barnes. In addition, the court ordered the mother to pay child support to the rapist. At the same time, the judge who made such a decision refuses to comment on this issue to journalists.


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