In the United States, men in black control UFO witnesses by phone

(ORDO NEWS) — Quite a lot is already known about the so-called “men in black”. As a rule, they, posing as members of the FBI and other intelligence agencies, pursue those who encountered UFOs.

According to eyewitness accounts, these people wear dark clothes and often dark glasses, and also behave quite aggressively. Ufologist Nick Redfern also has evidence that the Men in Black seek to control people over the phone.

“Challenger exploded”

In May 2015, Redfern was scheduled to give a lecture on contactees in Joshua Tree, California. He wanted to mention in his speech one woman who was questioned in 1986 by FBI agents in the case of the Challenger spacecraft bombing.

The fact is that this woman (whose name Redfern did not name) allegedly had contact with some supernatural entity.

Her source said that sabotage took place on the shuttle, and it was he who caused the disaster.

This information reached the secret services, and they began to find out how this information could get to the woman.

Redfern’s lecture was to be accompanied by a presentation in which he decided to insert an image of the deceased Challenger. Photo ufologist found on the web. After some time, he called his literary agent Lisa Hagan.

During the conversation, Lisa suddenly mentioned that recently someone called her from a suppressed number and said a short phrase: “Challenger exploded.” It turned out that just at that moment Redfern was looking for a picture of the shuttle on the Internet.

Who’s on the line?

Another similar incident happened to Graham Birdsall, editor of the now closed British magazine UFO Magazine. He is no longer alive.

In the latter half of the 1970s, Graham and his brother Mark observed a large unidentified flying object near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, in the vicinity of the Menwith Hill base, controlled by the US National Security Agency.

Since the Birdsall brothers were well-known and respected journalists, they were allowed to visit Menwith Hill and take comments from the officers who also recorded the sighting of UFOs.

Graham soon received a phone call from the base’s senior security officer, Mr. Mills. He wanted to discuss with the editor the event he had witnessed. They talked for about an hour, and at that time there was interference on the line. After the conversation ended, interference began to appear in other conversations.

So, one day, Graham was talking to his brother, and suddenly there were a few clicks on the line, and then their own voices were heard, repeating the lines that Graham and Mark had said a few minutes ago. As you understand, it could not be an echo.

The call that wasn’t there

British paranormal researcher, Redfern’s friend Neil Arnold, once told a story about his relative. In the 1980s, he witnessed the appearance of a UFO and decided to call the local newspaper from a telephone booth to tell about it.

As soon as he entered the booth, a man in a dark suit appeared next to her and stared at him with a gloomy look.

Arnold’s relative thought that Arnold needed to urgently use the phone, and gestured that the conversation would not last long.

The eyewitness called the editorial office and said that he would now personally come to their office to tell the details. After that, he hung up and left the booth, telling the stranger that he could come in. But the man remained where he was.

The witness got on the bus, and then he had a wild headache. He hardly got to the editorial office, and it turned out there that for some reason no one remembers his call …

Dissolved in the air

In turn, Jenny Randles, who wrote the book “The Truth About the Men in Black”, cites such a case. In the summer of 1981, a Briton named Jim Wilson saw a strange object in the night sky.

Soon, two strangers dressed in black came to him and said that it was a Soviet satellite, and that it was better for Jim not to tell anyone about it.

But this was not the end of the matter. Every night, visitors began to arrive in their 1960s Jaguar to the house where Wilson lived.

They parked their car next to Jim’s and apparently watched the house. In the end, the man went to the police.

The police checked the Jaguar’s license plate and found it to be fake. Then they decided to talk to those who were sitting inside. Two officers cautiously approached the car and were about to knock on the window. But then the “Jaguar” just melted into the air.

According to Redfern, all these strange things indicate that the “men in black”, whoever they are, are really trying to control contactees – most likely to prevent the disclosure of information about the UFO phenomenon.

It is possible that these are really employees of some secret special services, and all the strange cases are explained by the fact that they are proficient in hypnosis or in some other way influence the minds of people.


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