In the United States confirmed the harm of 5G to aircraft communications

(ORDO NEWS) — But it is not clear whether someone will change something because of this.

Some time ago, it became known that in the United States, some experts are worried that 5G towers have a negative impact on the aircraft communication system.

Now several of the largest American airlines have announced this. So, the heads of air carriers write a full letter to the White House, in which they announced the negative impact of 5G equipment on aircraft.

The letter states that the deployment of 5G has every chance of provoking major malfunctions in the aircraft’s instruments. And this is fraught with accidents and casualties.

As a result, experts urged to place towers at a distance of at least 3 km from the runways.

Considering that 5G towers in the US should be put into operation tomorrow, January 19, there are high chances of delays in 1,100 flights with 100,000 passengers in one day.


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