In the United States, 190 military aircraft were simultaneously raised

(ORDO NEWS) — Last night, 190 military aircraft could be seen in the sky over the United States. All this happened against the background of very strange events that are currently taking place in the country. There were also several reports that “the White House is being closed, and the Americans will not be able to see the president for some time”.

In addition, it was reported that Trump’s plane took off from Washington and headed northeast. The latest report suggests that 190 military aircraft took off simultaneously into the skies over the United States. This attracted especially public attention, because even for the United States it is a lot. At the same time, it is said only about those aircraft that had transponders turned on. In fact, there were many more of them.

At the moment, no one can name the reasons why the American military aviation has become more active. All that has been established is that some of the planes flew in circles all the time. There were no comments from the Pentagon, so what happened can hardly be called ordinary scientists. Most likely, these are real maneuvers, but for what they are, no one can answer.

Many people say that America is preparing for the Third World War. Another suggestion was that the globalists are preparing a false flag. As a result, the US government could send military aircraft to stop the terrorists. Some people suggested that it took so many planes to catch some fugitives from justice. There is no exact answer to the question about military aircraft, so all that remains is to follow further developments.


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