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In the summer, women become aggressive

In the summer women become aggressive

(ORDO NEWS) — Polish researchers from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences found that people become angrier and more aggressive in the summer. During this period of the year, the diet, physical activity, and sleep duration change, which affect the functioning of the nervous system. It may not come as quite a shock especially with how people can complain a lot about extreme weather, with heat affecting concentration and making people feel ill. That is why air conditioning is seen as a necessity by those households who abhor the heat, and will make sure that they have an AC repair service on hand to fix their system if it breaks down. Heat = anger it seems.

This is especially true for the beautiful half of humanity.

The researchers conducted an experiment in which female doctors took part. Throughout the year, in summer and winter, scientists took saliva samples from women, in which they evaluated the level of cortisol. At the same time, participants in the experiment reported on their current physical activity, diet, and sleep duration.

At the end of the experiment, the researchers took stock and made an unexpected conclusion. In young and middle-aged women, cortisol levels are significantly higher in summer than in winter. Scientists believe that the summer heat provokes a “jump” in stress hormone levels, which makes ladies more irritable and angrier.

Earlier, scientists from Northwestern and Lehigh Universities conducted a study designed to find out why people are not so willing to help others in the summer. The results of this study indirectly confirm the correctness of the conclusions of Polish scientists regarding the growing aggression among women in the summer.

Some researchers believe that the scientists’ conclusion may indirectly explain the difference in the behavior of people living in different climatic zones.


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