In the Spanish morgue, the man “came to life” right before the autopsy

(ORDO NEWS) — In Spain, there was a “resurrection” of a man just before he was going to do an autopsy. The doctors were completely sure that Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez was dead.

After his “death” in his own cell in prison, the body was examined more than once and no signs of life could be recorded.Despite this, the man came to his senses just a few minutes before the autopsy was to be performed.

Jimenez, who was only 29 years old, was in a Spanish prison for the theft he had committed. But one day he just couldn’t wake up.

The prisoner was examined by three different doctors and confirmed that the man was indeed dead. Some time later, the body of the “deceased” was placed in a special bag and sent to the prison morgue.

And only the pathologists managed to suspect something, because suddenly they heard quite loud snoring from the bag.

Doctors were stumped by Jimenez’s condition. He was immediately sent to the hospital to be finally brought to his senses.

Experts said that Jimenez’s body had absolutely all the signs characteristic of rigor mortis, and his skin at the same time had a purple tint.

This suggests that the body did not receive the amount of oxygen it needed. As it was later established, literally a day before the incident, the man complained that he felt rather unwell.

At the moment, none of the experts has been able to explain exactly how such a “resurrection” happened. Local media reports that when Jimenez finally came to his senses, he asked to organize a meeting with his wife.


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