In the prophecies of Nostradamus found hints of a major conflict in Europe

(ORDO NEWS) — French soothsayer Michel Nostradamus, famous for predicting the Great Fire of London and Hitler’s rise to power, foresaw war in Europe, writes the Daily Mail.

Although it is difficult to determine the exact dates of his predictions, as set out in his famous 1555 book The Prophecies, it is believed that Nostradamus foresaw that a major conflict would occur this spring.

Among his predictions is the vague suggestion that France could face a threat from the east. The prophecy says: “The blue head will harm the white head to the extent that France benefits both.”

However, Nostradamus expert Bobby Shayler suggested that World War III could happen “in the next few years.” Last year, a specialist said: “Nostradamus says that this will be a massive long war, from 25 to 29 years, followed by smaller wars.”

But he said that after that, “the age of Saturn will come, which will be a millennium of peace.”

Other Nostradamus predictions for 2022 included that the world would be hit by an asteroid, floods and droughts would devastate entire countries, and mass starvation.

Some believe that Nostradamus predicted the devastation caused by global warming and asteroids, and even the advent of artificial intelligence technologies.

In particular, in the 16th century, Nostradamus predicted, according to some interpretations of his quatrains, that climate change would become so severe that high temperatures would “half-cook” the fish in the sea.

The soothsayer also warned that humanity would not see rain for 40 years, and when it finally came, there would be “great floods” that would devastate the nations.

Nostradamus, according to the Daily Mail, also foretold that a “great fire” would fall from the sky. According to the interpreters, the soothsayer seems to have assumed that many asteroids will fall on the Earth, which will cause fires and destruction.

Described as the “Prophet of Doom,” the French astrologer and physician was inspired by biblical texts and his own experiences of the plague, and his predictions focused on hunger and sadness.

More than 400 years after Nostradamus published his book, his work remains popular because his predictions are completely open to interpretation.


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