In the presidential mansion of Argentina discovered the alien

(ORDO NEWS) — Well-known ufologist Scott Waring said that in the Argentinean presidential mansion he came across a strange ghostly figure. The researcher discovered this anomaly when he examined the Google Earth service.

Waring looked at the presidential mansion in Argentina in the pictures of Google Earth and noticed a mysterious transparent figure. According to the ufologist, the figure is a little taller than a meter tall. So he decided based on the height of the doorway to the left of the silhouette.

According to the researcher, this may be an alien who spies on the president of Argentina. It is possible that representatives of alien civilizations know something about the future actions of the country’s president, which could affect the whole world.

The ghostly figure has a thin body, arms and legs. The creature’s small triangular head faces the camera. Probably, the creature did not expect to be in the frame.


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