In the photo of 1917, the time traveler gave himself away in two details

(ORDO NEWS) — A unique picture taken in the last century is spreading on the Web. It depicts people of different ages, especially one person who, according to users, is a time traveler.

With regard to one young man, it was very difficult to say that he lived in the early 20th century. So, the guy had wide shorts and a T-shirt, and on his head was a stylish long hairstyle. Commentators called the man a surfer.

In the photo of 1917 the time traveler gave himself away in two details 1

The woman next to him shows her hand at the strange guy. One gets the impression that then he was taken by surprise. Obviously, the person came from another time.

One user noted that the clothes like the guy in the photo were worn by US sailors in 1913. In addition, other people are wearing shorts in the picture. Thus, the photo may be a “freak” of that time, standing out from others.


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