In the permafrost found bacteria that eat plastic

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest Research have discovered 13 million years old bacteria unknown to science in permafrost. It turned out that these microorganisms are able to eat and process plastic.

During their research, scientists took ice samples from Schafberg Mountain, located in the Eastern Alps. In these samples, scientists were able to find an unknown species of microorganisms and hypothermic bacteria.

Researcher at the Beat Frey Institute said that they did not expect to make such a find. For one thousand bacteria found, approximately 300 of them are able to exist only in permafrost. It turned out that some of the detected microorganisms can be used for plastic processing.

In 2016, Japanese scientists accidentally discovered bacteria in the landfill that perfectly processed plastic bottles. It turns out, instead of the hundreds of years required for the complete destruction of plastic, open bacteria cope with it in just a few days.


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