In the Netherlands, the historian found a rich medieval treasure

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the Netherlands, the National Museum of Antiquities (Rijksmuseum van Oudheden) announced an amazing find – a local historian found a treasure unique to this country, about 800 years old.

According to the Daily Sabah, 27-year-old historian Lorenzo Ruyter, who admitted to the press that he has been searching for treasures since the age of 10, was lucky.

He found a one-of-a-kind treasure back in 2021 in the small town of Hoogwood in the north of the country. Treasures he found with a metal detector.

Since then, experts have been evaluating the contents of the treasure and now they have officially declared it a historical treasure. It consists of four gold pendants, two strips of gold leaf and 39 silver coins.

The specialists of the National Museum of Antiquities took time to clean, examine and date the found objects.

They determined that the youngest coin dates back to around 1250. It is usually assumed that the treasure was buried exactly at the time that the youngest object from it is dated.

However, experts drew attention to the fact that the rest of the items turned out to be about two centuries older than the youngest coin, that is, their age is about 1000 years.

Also, experts came to the conclusion that at that time the cost of buried treasures was very large, it was a fortune.

“Gold jewelry from the Middle Ages is extremely rare in the Netherlands,” the museum said in a statement.

As a rule, researchers directly connect the history of treasures with military conflicts, because people buried the most valuable thing so that the invaders would not get it.

In the middle of the 13th century, a war raged in the area of ​​​​the city of Hoogvud, which was fought among themselves by the rulers of the territories that today represent the neighboring provinces of the Netherlands.

Moreover, Hoogwood was at the very epicenter of events. It is possible that some of the inhabitants of this city hid their treasures, but for some reason did not return for them.

Given the composition of the treasure, it can be assumed that it was not just a rich, but also an influential person.


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