In the Netherlands, found a 2000-year-old glass vessel in perfect condition

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists have found an amazing relic – a deep glass plate from the times of the Ancient Roman Empire. The find is surprisingly well preserved – it can be easily confused with modern vessels that are sold in stores.

Most of the glass monuments of that time have not been preserved in their entirety, so scientists mainly study shards. But this find pretty much surprised archaeologists – the plate has no cracks or damage at all.

The vessel, which dates back to around 20 AD, was found in Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands.

Were the Romans in the Netherlands?

At the height of its power, the Roman Empire was actively moving across Europe, reaching Spain, Great Britain and Germany. The greatness of the empire also reached the Netherlands – a Roman military camp was located in Nijmegen, which, presumably, left behind a glass plate.

The find was discovered by archaeologist Pepijn Van de Geer and his team. They found a medium-sized bowl with no chips or cracks. Scientists quickly determined that the vessel was Roman, and most likely made in Germany or Italy.

In the Netherlands found a 2000 year old glass vessel in perfect condition photo finds 2                        The 2000-year-old vessel is perfectly preserved / Photo by Bert Bielen

Such dishes were prepared by allowing the molten glass to cool and solidify above the mold. The stripe pattern was drawn while the glass mixture was still liquid. The metal oxide causes the blue color,
Van de Geer said.

In addition to the bowl, scientists discovered other finds from the time of the Roman Empire – wells, jewelry, household items and even burials.


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