In the Netherlands, archaeologists have discovered two ancient Roman temples

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers have unearthed a 2,000-year-old Roman temple complex in the Netherlands. This is reported by the Dutch National Agency for Cultural Development.

The temple complex was found at a clay mining site in the village of Herwen-Hemeling, located in the eastern province of Gelderland near the German border.

In ancient times, the border of the Roman state passed in this area, and therefore scientists were especially surprised by this find. Nearby is Limes – a fortified border line of the state.

Research teams have discovered the remains of at least two Roman-era temples that were in use between the first and fourth centuries.

One of them was of the Gallo-Roman type, had a tiled roof and richly painted walls, a slightly smaller temple stood a few meters away.

In the Netherlands archaeologists have discovered two ancient Roman temples 2

Among the artifacts found in the ruins were the remains of statues of deities, as well as pits where Roman soldiers lit sacrificial fires. Among the finds were also painted fragments of plaster and tiles with inscriptions.

Based on the types of inscriptions on the tiles, archaeologists believe that the temple complex was used by soldiers, since it was the military who made the tiles.

In addition, several dozen small stone altars were found, where Roman soldiers brought offerings to the gods.

“These stones are dedicated to Hercules Magusanus, Jupiter-Serapis and Mercury,” the agency said. High-ranking Roman officers set up dozens of stones to thank the gods for granting wishes. They were not always associated with winning battles.

Some of the finds will be exhibited at the local museum in Nijmegen.


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