In the DPRK, they are looking for a person who insulted Kim Jong-un in an unusual way

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(ORDO NEWS) — A very indecent inscription appeared on one of the walls of an apartment building, which is an insult to the current ruler of North Korea. It was abandoned at a time when meetings of the Labor Party, which is currently ruling the country, were being held in Pyongyang. An unknown person in this inscription insulted Kim Jong-un, and also added that it was he who was the reason that people in North Korea began to die of hunger

Local media say that this inscription was a real shock not only for the authorities, but also for ordinary citizens. It is worth noting that in the DPRK they very rarely come across speeches against the leader, as well as the regime that he uses.

The last time this was recorded was in 2018. Then in the House of Culture, which is located in the capital of North Korea, one of the colonels left impartial slogans. The man was publicly executed for his act.

This time, the author of the inscription left may receive a rather long term in a labor camp or even an execution. To date, the police are actively searching for the unknown. The representatives of the authorities began to go round one by one residential buildings, as well as enterprises.

They take samples of handwriting from a huge number of people, and also ask about what they were doing on the day the inscription was left. So far, no result has been achieved, so perhaps the police will begin to view the recordings made by a huge number of CCTV cameras.

It is worth noting that Pyongyang is home to almost exclusively the elite, who have very good living conditions than most of the country’s inhabitants. Professor from the University of Tokyo Waseda Toshimitsu Shigemura has published more than one book about the Kim dynasty. He noted that this is the reason why the government is dissatisfied with what is happening.

The famine in North Korea became known to the general public last year. It was provoked by two reasons at once. The country has completely closed its borders due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, trade with the main partner, which was China, was terminated. The second reason is natural disasters that negatively affected the harvest.

To solve the problem of hunger, Kim Jong-un started forcing housewives to go to the fields. People who are very hungry began to kidnap children from wealthy families. At the same time, the government warned that food shortages in the country could be observed until 2025.

A new ban has appeared in the DPRK, which is of an unofficial nature. The inhabitants of the country cannot wear leather cloaks. People talk about how the authorities began to repress too much those sellers who have such clothes in their assortment.

Kim Jong-un came to one of the events in 2019 in a leather coat, and since that time, such raincoats have become very popular in the country. They are considered a symbol of power in North Korea. Some time ago, the head of state again chose a similar image for his speech.

Leather cloaks are not just considered a symbol of power. Only representatives of the party elite can afford clothes made of real leather brought from China. Ordinary people are forced to wear cheap leather substitutes.


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