In the Czech Republic, an ancient golden ornament was found on a beet field

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Czech Republic, an ancient golden object was found in a beet field. This is reported by the Czech Radio.

In September, near the Czech town of Opava, one of the farmers found an ancient gold object in a beetroot field and handed it over to the museum staff.

The item is a thin gold leaf measuring 49×9 centimeters and weighing 56.5 grams, decorated with concentric circles.

Analysis of the elemental composition showed that 84 percent of the product consists of gold, about 15 percent of silver, the rest is an impurity, mainly copper.

Initially, scientists took the find for a diadem, but further analysis showed that it was a belt decoration. Most likely, it was created in the Bronze Age by representatives of the culture of funerary urns.

The culture of burial urns developed in antiquity on the territory of Central Europe, displacing the culture of burial mounds.

An urn culture existed from about 1300-750 BC, and its main feature was the burial of cremated human remains in clay urns.

Its representatives lived by agriculture and cattle breeding, the cultivation of wheat, barley and millet prevailed.


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