In the center of Gamaleya, they allowed the deliberate spread of a new monkeypox to a pandemic situation

(ORDO NEWS) — A rare infectious disease in animals and humans, probably transmitted in most cases through seminal fluid, in particular by gay men.

“Manic” people with mental disabilities could “miss” the pandemic, wish to “bring demographic order” or harm gay men.

Such an assumption in a conversation with the radio station “Moscow speaking” was made by the head of the department of the Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. N. Gamalei Alexander Butenko.

“It’s common among gay men homosexuals. The mode of transmission through semen is well known and has been observed in many other viral infections. For example, Ebola, Zika, not to mention HIV infection.

This is a common occurrence, so there is nothing surprising. The fact that morbidity has such gender differences is probably due to the fact that this is the privilege of homosexual men.

People identified with a mental disorder have intentions to cause trouble to people. Or some kind of social, or racial relationship, or traditional or non-traditional sexual relationship, and so on.

Therefore, as one of the versions, it is quite possible. It is possible to assume something else. For example, let’s say some maniacal thinks: too much population and everything else – “put things in order demographic.”

Butenko explained that similar incidents with other diseases were observed in the world in the past. According to him, cases of infection with monkeypox were recorded before, but not in such numbers.

“A more interesting question to discuss is what is the origin of this outbreak? We can say that it is approaching a pandemic, because a pandemic differs from an epidemic in that the number of countries where this or that infection has spread is taken into account.

Now there are already many countries – many dozens of countries on different continents: Australia, the United States of America, and in Europe in many countries. Here conspiracy all sorts of versions come. It is also transmitted from person to person in other ways: both by airborne droplets, and by contact, and so on.

But the cause of the occurrence is not clear, because most cases are not related to travel, for example, to Africa. Maybe there were some isolated ones, they were observed before, since 2003 such cases were imported from Africa, Great Britain, some other European countries and America.

There is a very dangerous phenomenon here, and how did it happen? It is possible that, perhaps, some people are maniacally inclined, who, perhaps, missed the coronavirus pandemic, decided to demonstrate something like that intentionally or by accident.

Such a leak from laboratories is known. About 15 years ago, probably, there were cases of leakage of anthrax from American laboratories, and then some smart people sent it by mail in the form of letters to their addressees, and they became infected at autopsy. It was in the form of a powder, and an aerosol was immediately created.”

Earlier, Italian scientists were the first in the world to find out that the monkeypox virus can be present in the seminal fluid of an infected person in a form capable of reproduction. Experts noted that the first cases of infection in Western countries could have occurred due to homosexual contacts.


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