In the Black Sea off the coast of Turkey revealed the concentration of heavy metals

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers from the Black Sea Technical University of Turkey (KTU) found an excess of heavy metals near the coast of their state.

For study, scientists took samples of the Black Sea water along the coast, 1100 km long. The researchers found that the samples taken for analysis contained about ten different heavy metals.

The presence of lead and copper turned out to be above the norm in the area of ​​the city of Surmen. In the vicinity of Ordu, the content of arsenic is exceeded.

The water also found such toxic metals as strontium, vanadium, aluminum, nickel, cobalt and lanthanum.

As Professor Koray Ozsheker from the Black Sea University pointed out in a comment to the agency, in the areas of Hopa, Chamburnu and Chaeli, close to Georgia, the content of copper and lead is exceeded due to the abundance of mines, although attempts are being made by local authorities to reduce emissions.

The scientist emphasized that due to the content of heavy metals in the silt and in the water column, not only the ecosystem of the region suffers.

Ultimately, this is harmful to human health, since the metals of this group tend to accumulate in fish and other marine animals, and then enter the human body with food.


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