In the binary system 12 Bootes found sun-like oscillations and ellipsoidal variations

(ORDO NEWS) — Using the NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), an international team of astronomers has detected sun-like oscillations and ellipsoidal variations in the light curve of a binary system known as 12 Boötis.

Located about 122 light-years from Earth, 12 Bootes (other designations HR 5304, HD 123999, TIC 418010485) is a bright binary system in the constellation Bootes.

It consists of two stars with a mass of about 1.4 solar masses, which are in a slightly eccentric 9.6-day orbit.

A team of researchers led by Warrick H. Ball of the University of Birmingham reported that Bootes 12 exhibits sun-like oscillations as well as ellipsoidal variations.

The conclusion is based on the analysis of TESS light curves obtained in early 2020.

By analyzing the light curves of TESS, the team found slight fluctuations and fairly distinct ellipsoidal variations in 12 Boötes A, the main star in the system.

The study also showed that the radius of 12 Bootes A is about 2.45 solar radii and the luminosity is about 7.53 solar luminosities.

Star B is about 1.9 times the size of the Sun, and its luminosity is 4.69 times that of the Sun. Both stars are 2.66 billion years old and have a metallicity of about -0.065.

The authors of the study noted that their results greatly expand our knowledge of the properties of the 12 Bootes.

They also added that a more sophisticated analysis of the light curve and power spectrum of this system is required.


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