In the ancient tomb Arthur’s Stone found traces of looting

(ORDO NEWS) — An ancient tomb in Britain known as “Arthur’s Stone” has been looted in modern times. Archaeologists made such an assumption, since during the research they could not find any bones and artifacts in the chamber, CNN reports.

The tomb consists of several large stones built in the form of walls and covered with a huge boulder. The legend connects her with King Arthur.

It is believed that at this place he defeated the giant. But in fact, as it was established in the 20th century, it was built 5,000 years ago – much earlier than the legendary ruler lived.

Recently, archaeologists have begun to excavate this site for the first time. The project is co-organized by a team from the University of Manchester in England and the charity English Heritage.

Scientists have suggested that human bodies could be left in the chamber of the tomb for a while until the decomposition process was completed. After only the bones remained from the body, they were transferred to another place.

“Arthur’s Stone” was erected in one of the most important periods in the history of Britain, when people learned how to farm and domesticate livestock, learned how to make tools from polished stone and ceramics.

The tradition of erecting large stone monuments also began to spread – one of the most famous examples is Stonehenge.

Scientists believe that the tomb of “Arthur” was used for only a few generations. Nevertheless, it was an “impressive place” of significance to later British residents.


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