In the ancient Greek “city of the gods” found the gate of the temple of Zeus

(ORDO NEWS) — In the ancient Greek city of Magnesia, excavations have been carried out for quite a long time. It is located near the town of Germendzik, and the research work is led by Gerkem Kekdemir, who works at Ankara University. Scientists managed to find the gate to the temple of Zeus. A copy of them can be seen in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

This is reported by the Hürriyet Daily News.

At the end of the 19th century, Karl Humann discovered the remains of a stadium and a theater in Magnesia, as well as temples in which Zeus and Artemis were worshiped. Experts then managed to find more than 80 ancient statues and other artifacts. If we consider the city from the point of view of religion, then it played a very important role. That is why today it is nicknamed “the city of the gods”.

After some time, archaeologists also unearthed the entrance gate to the Temple of Zeus. A copy of them was placed in the Berlin Museum. It was made from parts of the temple taken out by Humann. Kekdemir noted that experts plan to demonstrate the original structure next year. Archaeologists want to excavate the entire temple. It was built by the architect Hermogenes in the 3rd-2nd century BC.

Another famous temple for worshiping Zeus is the one located in the city of Olympia. The construction was supervised by the architect Libon, and the whole process lasted from 470 to 457 BC. Inside this temple there is a world-famous statue, which is 13 meters high. This temple, as well as the statue, which was considered a real miracle, were destroyed in a strong earthquake.


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