In Texas, a creature that looks like a coil of rope thrown onto the beach

(ORDO NEWS) — Rebecca Klassen, who works in an American Nature Park, discovered something strange while walking along the beach that looked like a tangled coil of rope. The unusual find turned out to be a living creature – soft coral.

The girl said that she had been working in the park for five years, but still did not know that there were some soft corals. She initially thought it was just a coil of rope or some kind of tangled wire.

Claussen added that the yellow part of the found coral is quite dense, but if you take it in your hands, you can clearly see that it bends well. It is the yellow part of the coral that is the polyp. In some situations, you can also consider a black base, which is actually a skeleton. If soft coral is placed in water, it straightens out and becomes like a branchy tree.

Klaussen posted a photo of an unusual creature on social networks and they immediately interested many users. Some even wrote that they were constantly picking up these corals, mistaking them for garbage or the remains of fishing nets.


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