In Spain, found the remains of the face of the first European

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of Spanish researchers discovered in the province of Burgos (autonomous community of Castile and Leon) the remains of the face of the oldest hominid in Europe. This was reported on Friday by the newspaper Independiente.

According to her, the discovery was made near the village of Atapuerca. We are talking about the remains of a part of a human face, whose age may be about 1.4 million years. The Atapuerca Foundation calls on its Twitter page the discovered remains “the face of the first European”.

According to the newspaper El PaĆ­s, the find is a surprise, because so far there was no such strong evidence of the presence of a person on this continent at that time.

The scientific analysis of the discovered remains, which will take at least a year, is very important for understanding the evolution of the human race outside of Africa.

Excavations at Atapuerca will continue until the end of July.


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