In Siberia, methane may start to be released due to temperature increase

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the Arctic zone of Siberia today, experts recorded a significant increase in temperature. As a result, permafrost began to melt and decrease rapidly. In the thickness of the ice there is a huge amount of methane. If it starts to go outside, then this will negatively affect the entire planet, because the greenhouse effect will be enhanced several times.

After methane is released, it begins to rise into the Earth’s atmosphere. The downside in this situation is that its impact on the planet will not be local. Gradually, under the influence of various factors, the gas begins to circulate around the Earth. At the moment, experts are confident that methane present in the Siberian Arctic will adversely affect the United States and Europe. Also, do not forget that gas can affect the planet even after quite a lot of time.

Methane is twenty-eight times more harmful in its effect on the planet and its atmosphere than carbon dioxide. This was told by a scientist from the University of Alaska, Katie Walter Anthony. The warming that will result from the release of huge amounts of methane can cause differences in temperature values ​​between different regions and the Arctic. Big cities will suffer the most, as well as those areas that are among the densely populated. Another consequence of the release of gas may be the occurrence of heat waves.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that on June 20 in Verkhoyansk, which is located in Yakutia and is considered to be the specialists of the Pole of Cold, a temperature of +38 degrees was recorded. Such an indicator is incredibly high and can provoke irreversible consequences for all of humanity.


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