In Siberia, a rare Scythian sword was handed over for scrap

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from Novosibirsk State University started studying a rare Scythian sword, which they got by accident. The ancient artifact was scrapped. It was brought by a man who said that he had found this short sword at one of the scrap metal collection points located in the southern part of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Archaeologists assume that this sword is most likely of imported origin. It was made in the 5-4th century BC. At the same time, scientists believe that the artifact may actually be some kind of “experimental” sample, which was made in the 3rd-2nd century BC. Such blades were used by the Scythians in order to protect the head or body, to deliver chopping blows to the enemy. In the case of close combat, effective thrusting strikes were performed with its help.

Experts considered that this artifact may well be attributed to the unique phenomena of the early Iron Age of the Minusinsk Basin. The only drawback in this situation is that there is no way to establish exactly where the blade was found. That is why it got the name “Krasnoyarsk sword”.

The length of the handle reaches 8 centimeters, which is a bit small, because for an adult man you need at least 12 cm. Most likely, in battle with the help of such a blade, an overguard grip was used. The weapon has a wide and straight blade, a flat grip, a butterfly-shaped crosshair, and a slightly rounded pommel. Despite the fact that the artifact is in very poor condition, scientists have established that a single piece of metal was used to make the sword.


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