In Scotland on the island of Öland discovered the ruins of a “ghost castle”

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists from Scotland have made a statement that they made the largest discovery this year. They discovered the ruins of the well-known “ghost castle” on the Öland island. In another way, the castle is called Serbia Borg and experts have been looking for it for quite a long time.

Reported by SVT.

For a detailed survey of the area, archaeologists used the radar. As a result, they were able to establish that under the layer of the earth there is a huge number of stone fragments, which are the foundation of the castle. These fragments were located next to the fortress wall and fully corresponded to the construction of other historical castles known to archaeologists.

For a long time, Serbia Borg was called a “ghost castle”. It was mentioned in the work written by the priest Nikolaus Vallinus. The work was written back in 1703. At the same time, the priest did not give absolutely any specific instructions where exactly this mysterious castle is located.

Experts noted that, most likely, earlier searches were carried out in the wrong place, so the ruins could not be found for a long time. This time, the excavations were carried out in the immediate vicinity of the village of Serbu, which is located only ten kilometers from the castle.

Serbia Borg Castle is the largest on this island. Experts emphasized that some of the local tribes considered the island of Öland sacred and there for many centuries they performed their ritual sacrifices.


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