In Rome, bees “monitor” the level of environmental pollution

(ORDO NEWS) — In Rome, there is a special unit for the control of environmental pollution, in which bees “work”. Each insect collects nectar from hundreds of plants per day, and then the collected material is analyzed by scientists.

For almost four years (since 2018), a police unit for the protection of the environment has been operating in Italy. On the roof of the headquarters of this unit in Rome is the base of special employees – beehives.

No matter how strange it may seem, but the bees help the carabinieri to monitor the level of pollution of the city’s ecosystem. In such an initiative, Italy is a pioneer, and the effectiveness of bees has already been proven.

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“One of the missions is to ensure respect for the environment. We use bees as biodiversity indicators. They “explore” an area of ​​several square kilometers.

Thanks to them, we can obtain information inaccessible under normal conditions about atmospheric pollutants – dioxins, for example, ”says Giancarlo Papitto, lieutenant colonel of Rome’s eco-police.

Experts confirm that bees provide accurate data on the level of air pollution. This is due to the fact that they are constantly in contact with the atmosphere, soil, water.

So, one insect, flying about 100 flowers a day, brings on itself traces of harmful substances that will become material for scientists to study. “Italy is a pioneer here. What we develop here can then be replicated in other European countries,” Giancarlo Papitto is convinced.


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