In preparation for the Olympics, a resident of Japan was twice deprived of housing

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the inhabitants of Japan, through the fault of the authorities, was left without his own home twice. The first time he was left homeless before preparations began for the 1964 Olympics, and the second time (2013), the reason was Tokyo 2020.

The man was evicted because it was necessary to build Olympic facilities. The second time this happened, the Japanese began to wonder how fair the government was. This is reported by the VICE edition.

Kohei Jino, now 87, said that in 1964 he thought the Olympics were cool and would help the country recover from the war faster. He moved without complaints to a neighboring area, where he gradually began to settle down.

The man began to communicate with many local residents and even opened a good tobacco shop. In 2013, the situation repeated itself and he had to leave everything that he had acquired over 50 years. This time, on the site of Kohei’s house, the authorities planned to build a stadium for the upcoming Olympics.

The government gave the Japanese a small amount of money, but it was too little for a full-fledged move. Still, the man does not despair and says that it is better than not getting anything, like the first time.

At the same time, Gino believes that the country could spend money on something more useful than building stadiums or other buildings that are needed only for the duration of the Olympic Games.


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