In Portugal, nurse dies two days after getting Pfizer vaccine

(ORDO NEWS) — The incident took place in Portugal: 41-year-old Sonia Acevedo was vaccinated by the development of Pfizer, but something did not go according to plan. The woman died suddenly two days later.

The death occurred 48 hours after the unsuccessful administration of the coronavirus vaccine, right before the New Year celebrations. She worked as an assistant pediatrician at the Oncology Institute in Porto. After the vaccination, there were no symptoms, but the heart stopped.

Sonya has two children left. The woman’s father, through tears, told reporters that he knew absolutely nothing, he needed answers. The hospital confirmed the fact of vaccination on December 30. The woman was not warned about side effects either before the vaccine was administered or during.

The nurse managed to change the photo on social networks, signing that the vaccination was completed. No one could have thought that everything would end so sadly.

Death occurred in the house of Sonya’s partner in Trofa. Previously, they got together several times. In addition to the nurse, another 538 people at the institute received the Pfizer vaccine.


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