In Poland, found the remains of a reptile that lived 200 million years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — Etosaurus fossils were discovered by archaeologists from the Institute of Paleobiology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), together with scientists from the University of Warsaw.

These reptiles lived more than 200 million years ago in Europe, USA, Morocco, Greenland, India. The find was found in the village of Kotsury. The exhibits will be displayed at the museum after being examined in detail.

In Poland found the remains of a reptile that lived 200 million years ago 2

Etosaurs are small, four-legged, armored reptiles. They lived during the late Triassic period (201-231 million years ago). During the excavations, the jawbone of a prehistoric reptile and fragments of its shell were found. The animals reached a length of 3-4 meters.

Outwardly, these creatures looked very unusual. It was a cross between a crocodile, an armadillo and a boar. A small head with a pointed nose, a long tail and powerful paws are covered with green skin – this is how you can briefly describe the appearance of the creature. The Etosaurs’ diet consisted of plants and small invertebrates.

The remains of other vertebrates were also found at the site. For example, archaeologists have identified the remains of ancient turtles, a lungfish. Today, archaeologists continue to actively conduct excavations in search of fossils of other prehistoric creatures that lived there.


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