In Poland, a cyclist photographed a UFO

(ORDO NEWS) — Currently, the expert is studying these photographs and says that they are the most convincing of those that he has ever seen. It is reported by the Daily Star.

Driving near Yastrovo (Poland), a cyclist who did not give his name took several shots of an unidentified flying object, and sent pictures to a ufologist, photo expert. Justin Glive is sure the shots are real.

The ufologist said that these incredible photos, in which a UFO in the form of a top soars above the forest, look very convincing.

Driving past Yastrovo, the cyclist heard a strange rustle, as if something large was rubbing against the tops of the trees, and then he saw a strange object hovering above the forest. An eyewitness immediately made a few shots.

When our hero arrived home, he saw a spaceship in five frames. This is the only thing that came to a man’s mind. To understand what was in the frame, an eyewitness sent these photographs to a photo expert. Justin Glive, formerly serving in the Royal Air Force, recognized these images as genuine.

According to the expert, he was simply amazed at the high quality of the photographs. In the process of analysis, he superimposed on each other several frames to confirm that the mysterious object is really moving. The device, according to experts, soared at an altitude of 150-200 feet above the ground.

Before disappearing, the object began to make a rustling sound, touching the tops of the trees. A shocked eyewitness fears that a UFO could erase his memory, and he does not remember much of what was later. The man did not give his real name to the ufologist, fearing that he would be called crazy.


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