In Peru, found the mummies of children who were sacrificed

(ORDO NEWS) — Mummification of the bodies of the dead was practiced throughout the world. Today, mummies allow scientists to better understand the culture and traditions of ancient countries.

For example, we used to write about the creepy Peruvian mummy , found near the capital of the country – the city of Lima.

It turned out that the discoveries of archaeologists did not end there, because six more mummies were discovered that belong to children.

In Peru found the mummies of children who were sacrificed 2

More about the eerie discovery

If the mummy of an adult male, which was found earlier, seemed creepy, then six mummified children next to it – it’s even scarier.

All the bodies were wrapped in cloth and placed near the entrances to the tomb. The remains of non-mummified human bodies were also found nearby.

Experts believe that children were killed about 1200 years ago and were sacrificed. They must accompany the “adult deceased”, who at the time of death was about 20 years old, in the afterlife.

Archaeologists suggest that the “adult mummy” belonged to a nobleman and therefore a sacrifice was made to him. In all likelihood, the murdered children were his blood relatives.


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