In Peru, archaeologists have found a mysterious wooden figurine

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists conducted excavations in the ancient metropolis of Chan Chan, which is located in Peru.

There they found an ancient wooden figurine, which was preserved in excellent condition. It was used to perform various magical ceremonies.

Excavations were carried out in the northern part of the country. It is worth noting that earlier Chan Chan was considered the largest city in South America, which was built of mud brick.

The unique figurine was discovered directly at the third stage of work, when specialists were engaged in the restoration of the ceremonial complex of Huaka-Takainamo.

There is information that the figurine is 46 cm high and 16 cm wide. The artifact looks like a man wearing a trapezoidal hat. At the same time, the sculpture has a flat oval-shaped face, painted red.

Arturo Paredes Nunez said that the nose protrudes quite a lot forward, and the figure also has almond-shaped eyes.

There are round ears on the head, inside of which black resin has been found. Most likely, the resin was used to hold mother-of-pearl jewelry.

Experts are sure that the artifact acted as an idol for rituals. Most likely, the ancient people believed that he had magical powers.

At the same time, the figurine meant a specific character – a porter. Near the artifact were found necklaces from the seeds of a sacred plant, as well as a black pouch.

The city of Chan Chan was considered a sacred religious center. Pilgrims came from all over America. The name of the settlement was translated as “Sun-Sun”.

It was founded in 850 AD by representatives of the Moche culture. The city existed until 1470, until the Incas conquered it. It is worth noting that Chan Chan was the capital of the kingdom of Chimor.

In 1200 came the peak of its prosperity. Then its area reached 20 square kilometers, and almost 100 thousand people lived in the city itself. In those days, even in Europe it was impossible to find such large cities.


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