In Paraguay, the lake suddenly turned blood red

(ORDO NEWS) — The small lake, which is located in Paraguay near Philadelphia, unexpectedly for all local residents turned red. Experts believe that the cause of this may be some natural phenomenon.

Madis Neris, the director of the wildlife department, ordered the specialists to conduct a study of water samples a couple of weeks ago, which for some unknown reason turned red. This phenomenon shocked local residents who did not understand what happened to the lake.

The reservoir is located on a farm, which is located about 9 kilometers from the Boqueron department in the town of Loma Plata. Small lakes that are found nearby have not changed color. After examining the water samples, the results showed that the lakes are in excellent condition when viewed from the point of view of ecological balance.

A video was posted on the Internet in which Rosa Morel explained the cause of the redness of the water. The official is confident that redness is caused by natural causes. Due to the fact that at the moment there is severe drought in the region, and there is insufficient oxygen in the water, red algae began to bloom. It was they who could provoke a color change to blood red.

Of course, additional studies will be conducted in the near future to confirm this version. It is worth noting that this is not the first case when the color of the water changes to red in the reservoir. In almost all cases, the cause was indeed red algae.


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