In Norway, found the plumage of ancient arrows melted from under the ice

(ORDO NEWS) — Norwegian researchers involved in glacial archeology have found about 30 feathers in the county of Innlandet.

These are elements of ancient and medieval arrows, most of them are between 700 and 1700 years old, according to the Secrets of the Ice project page.

One of the artifacts turned out to be noticeably older than the others and dates back to the Neolithic era.

Previously, plumage of such antiquity was found, according to scientists, only in the quiver of the famous Ötzi (more about him in the material “From the abyss in the ice”).

Next, the scientists plan to study the finds using microscopy, mass spectrometric peptide fingerprinting (ZooMS) and ancient DNA analysis methods.

This will allow, in particular, to find out which birds the feathers belonged to.


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